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5 Ways to Make Cleaning Easier for Kids

Teaching your young ones how to clean is actually a wonderful idea. Though the hassles of putting them through cleaning can be frustrating, it’s worth it and there are simple tricks that can make this happen easily. Having kids around the house can be very demanding, as it feels like you have some set of people to make your home untidy so that you can keep cleaning and keeping things tidy. Most times, while you just finished cleaning one point and have moved to another, you find out that the spot you first cleaned has been messed up again! It becomes a rat race, and you get frustrated and exhausted. A good way to handle this is to engage your little ones when cleaning the house. Children usually find it uninteresting and are unwilling to take part in the cleaning of the house. They are always in the mood to play with their toys and read their books but cleaning up is just one bitter pill to swallow.

Here are 5 ways you can make the cleaning process easier for you to enjoy a cleaner home and tangibly reduce the stress of often cleaning.

Interchange toys:

This is a very good way to keep the house organized. Get some bins and fill them with various toys. Bring out only one bin of toys weekly or monthly and continue the process of rotating different bins of toys monthly or weekly. This will cut the number of toys that fly over the place. Another benefit using this approach is that – the kids wouldn’t get bored with toys since they get a ‘new’ set of different toys at intervals.

Get rid of junk:

Less junk in the home will give you fewer junks to deal with. Do away with damaged toys or donate toys that your kids have already outgrown. Sometimes they do not find some toys interesting anymore – you can donate such. Check the board games and the books too. If they are worn out or they are no longer a complete piece – ditch them. You may donate them to a local shelter or a library.

Organize Their Play Zone:

If you look around their playroom and it seems your organization is in such a way that the kids can’t reach the shelves to put back their toys and games after playing with them – then you need to reorganize. Make it as easy as possible for them. You can have a bin for stuffed animals and another one for other toys. It will help them know where to keep various items in an organized way.

Provide Easy Cleaning Tools:

If your little ones are not old enough to help with major cleanings like the bathroom, mopping the floors, etc. find a means of getting them simpler tools for cleaning. A piece of rag, sponge, smaller bucket and other smaller cleaning agents they can handle will make their participation worthwhile. They wouldn’t have to pause every few seconds to call your attention over a difficulty. Ensure you use eco-friendly solutions to keep your little ones safe while they get responsible.

Make cleaning fun:

Even adults don’t think that cleaning is fun. Making it fun for your kids will entice them to do the chores and keep them engaged. Spice up the cleaning; give them cleaning outfits, sing their favorite songs, turn it to a game, etc. Make it seem to be a rewarding exercise by making an after-chore snack.

When cleaning is seen as fun, you have succeeded in making it easier for your little angels to clean and also inculcated a good habit in them. As they grow it becomes part of them relieving you of so much work to do.