Natural Ways You Can Keep Your Clothes Fresh

folded clothes

Ironically, a lot of people have limited storage and lots of clothes so it becomes a challenge to manage their wardrobe. Keeping seasonal clothes like the winter or summer clothes when they are not in use is a great tip to organize your space. Here are some tips on how to keep your items fresh and smelling nice as new.

In this post, we will be sharing useful information on how to keep fresh after laundry. It’s all about how they can continue to look clean and fresh even when they are not in use.

Some people have two wardrobes, one for winter and the other for summer. It is sensible to interchange limited space for storage between both wardrobes. Doing this will help you organize better rather than having a stuffed up wardrobe. It’s not just about a clean wardrobe; it also saves you a lot of time whenever you are getting dressed. When you store your summer or winter wardrobe in a little space you must ensure that they are moth free and always fresh.

Clothes get a funny smell too when they are left on hangers for a while and can even get damaged if they are not properly stored. Some people make use of conventional products like mothballs or dryer sheets but these products are usually toxic and they leave a chemical smell on your clothes.

However, natural alternatives are better. They combat muskiness, awful smells, dampness, etc. They are also convenient and cheap. Here is a list of some natural ways to keep your clothes fresh.


This plant belongs to the mint family and it’s popularly known for its awesome and long-lasting smell. You can make small pockets of cushions and fill them with dry lavender and stick them between neatly folded clothes. Tip: placing them under your pillow also helps you sleep and relax better.


This wood has a lovely fragrance and acts as anti-moth. It also absorbs sharp rigorous odors. Purchase cedar blocks or sprinkle cedar oil on a small pouch and store between clothes.

Baking Soda

This is a magical ingredient as it is known to be useful for many purposes. It’s usually used to combat odors in the fridge. It also fights mold and mildew making it a useful agent to keep your clothes fresh. (Urban Clean Professionals)