Clean and Organized Laundry Room


Tips for a Clean and Organized Laundry Room

It’s no secret that doing laundry can be a long and arduous task. It’s also not a secret that it is a task we will all have to tackle, so why not try and make it a little more enjoyable? Keeping your home’s laundry room, also known as a utility room, clean and organized will make your life a whole lot easier when laundry day comes around.

The utility room can often become a dumping group for array items such as coats, shoes, junk mail, jackets and of course…laundry. This is especially true for my home since our laundry room doubles as a walkway from the garage to the main house. With all that foot-traffic, things are bound to pile-up around this area. However, I have still managed to find ways to keep our utility room clean and organized by utilizing these few simple tips. Here are some of my favorite tips for maximizing your laundry room space:

My Organization Rule

When it comes to organization, the motto that I live by is: there is a place for everything, and everything has a place. Having a specific place where something is meant to be put away will make it far less likely for the object to be left on the side for you to pick up later. This is especially important in the utility room because it is often one of the smallest rooms in your home.

Bins and Baskets

Some of the first essentials to invest in when looking to organize your laundry room are bins and baskets. Keeping your supplies in containers will allow you to see exactly what supplies you have quickly. You’ll also know immediately when you are running low on something, like laundry detergent, and will be able to replace it before you run out. In my laundry room, I have multiple separate baskets. One basket contains all my stain removal products, one all my cleaning rags, and another includes the towels for outside use that I don’t want mixing in with our other clothes. Keeping your supplies in bins will also save you money by making it harder to accumulate an excess of products that you don’t need. If you only keep what fits inside the basket, you’ll never end up buying too many of one supply. Also, there are many stylish options when it comes to storage bins. You’ll be able to find a bin that suits your style with options that range from simple, clear plastic bins, to ones that come in fabric and color. Choose one style, or mix and match; the possibilities are endless!


When I first moved into my current home, the storage space in my utility room consisted of one metal shelf that spanned the room’s entire length. While it was an okay temporary solution, it didn’t allow us to maximize our use of the space. We chose to install cabinets last year and, let me tell you. It has made a world of difference. Not only are we able to use vertical space more efficiently, but there was also much more space in the cabinets than there was on the shelf. Another plus is that the cabinets hide everything from view, giving the room an overall organized and tidy appearance. You can also keep extra bins inside of the cupboards for additional organization.


Another great way to maximize the space in your utility room is by using hooks. Install some necessary stick-on hooks behind your door and along a wall, and you will have lots more space for hanging up jackets, coats, backpacks, and sweatshirts. You can also attach a hanging bin to one of your hooks for storing smaller, loose items. Just adding a few, small hooks to your laundry room will make a huge difference and increase the room’s overall organization!

Small Furniture with a Dual Purpose

If your laundry room is more extensive and has space for a piece of small furniture, a shoe rack will be worth investing in. I have a shoo-in my laundry room rack that keeps my family’s shoes out of sight and off the floor. The shoe rack also doubles as a thin bench that we use to sit on while putting on our shoes. It also can open up and double as a small cabinet, which allows us space to store gloves, hats, coats and other winter items. A great tip is to buy furniture that can serve multiple purposes to make sure you’re getting the most out of your space.

No one loves doing laundry, but by using these few simple tips, you can transform your laundry room into a place you’ll enjoy spending time in. Instead of your utility room being a room full of mess and chaos, you can make it into the most beautiful and organized place in your home!

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