How to Quickly Clean a Dirty Shower?

Modern, clean, bathroom
Modern, clean, bathroom with toilet, sink, shower and bathtub.

How to Quickly Clean a Dirty Shower?

Ideally, taking a shower should be similar to taking a spa bath, yet a dirty and poorly maintained shower can make it an uncomfortable experience. Some of the major problems for a shower are

– Tiles, the tub is covered with a film of soap or grout

– The drain is blocked, or clogged

– Shower-head is partly or fully blocked.

Some quick ways to fix cleaning a dirty shower are discussed below

Removing the mildew and other scum

It is advisable to ventilate the shower room, opening the door and window if possible, before using a spray cleaner for the tiles and tub. The shower area should be divided into three different sections. This will reduce the fumes which are generated and also ensure that the cleaner does not dry before it is wiped clean. The first section should be sprayed with the cleaner to cover the tub and tiles and kept aside for some time until the cleaning fluid penetrates the surface. This time should be used for spraying the next section, and also getting a cup with water for cleaning the first section.

Using a wet sponge with a scouring pad, which will not cause scratches, wipe the area on which the cleaner is sprayed. If wider strokes are used, the surface can be covered quickly. After wiping, rinse the sponge to remove the cleaning liquid, and wipe the cleaned area with water. After the first section is cleaned, the third section of the shower room should be sprayed using the cleaner and the second section should be wiped clean after rinsing. For removing any grout stains which remain, a small amount of bleach should be mixed with twice the amount of water in a bottle with a spray. After the bleach mixture has soaked for some time, it can be applied to the grout stains, shower, or sprayed on other places with stains manually.

Clearing drains

Standing in a puddle of dirty water because the drain is clogged while taking a shower is an unpleasant experience. Usually, hair is clogging the drain. To fix this problem, a wire hanger can be used after untwisting it. One end of the wire will slide down the drain to either remove hair clumps or push them out. After this, a quarter cup of ammonia should be mixed with boiling water to form a solution. This solution can be poured into the drain so that it dissolves the coating of soap on the pipes.

Restoring and cleaning shower spray

If the water from the shower spray is flowing very slowly or in unexpected directions, mineral deposits have probably clogged the holes of the shower-head. First, the dry debris from the shower-head should be cleaned using the scrubber sponge, which was earlier used on the tiles. If this does not fix the shower-head problem, a solution of equal quantities of water and white vinegar should be made in a cup. This solution should be poured into a plastic bag, which is then tied around the shower-head so that the holes of the shower-head are immersed in the liquid solution. The shower-head should be soaked for at least twenty minutes, preferably up to one hour. The bag is then removed, and loosened deposits are wiped away. The shower should be then used with hot water to flush any dirt which remains in the holes. Urban Clean Professionals