Repossess your Garage!


Repossess your garage is a profitable cleaning project that can be achieved in a short weekend and here are some made easy steps to achieving that.

Northern Virginia is usually known for having a small space that dwellers need to make do with. Most people stuff their garage with all sorts of obsolete things. That little space that can give you more creative flexibility and you may never have thought of it. You can put the garage to a more valuable use to organize and store useful items that are not often used. Items like Christmas decorations, golf clubs, bikes, etc.

Sort All the Items

Go through all the items and sort them into three piles. Some things may have been stored because you will have need of them in the future – put them aside to be organized later on. Sort another set of items you would like to give out to friends or donate – like it’s often said that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ After sorting these items, you will be surprised that a lot of things in the garage is junk – and that’s the part you want to get rid of.

Smart Recycling

We are engaged in green cleaning business so whether it includes non-toxic cleaning methods or using recycling whenever possible. Salvation Army and Goodwill offer these services and you can find a number of collection bins for various uses. You can deduct the face value of your donations as tax deductible charitable contributions if you keep records of your donations meanwhile, you are helping someone too.

Get rid of the junks

Some items like furniture are usually difficult to move away with because of transportation. Some companies like 1-800-Got-Junk and Fast HaulThey usually come down to your doorstep to pick up obsolete furniture and items.

Just in 3 quick and easy steps, you can repossess your garage and even in the process find some things you treasure but never knew you still had them. You also have a more valuable garage now.(Urban Clean Peofessionals)